Expand your water quality monitoring with Udetect mobile qPCR for fast, accurate and easy monitoring of bacteria in water. On-site test for E.coli, Legionella, Coronavirus SRS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and more using DNA detection technology for superior identification and quantification. Udetect is suitable for operators and samplers and can be used without a laboratory.

Udetect In-field

Sometimes it is necessary to be able to react quickly if the water quality is insufficient. For example, in the case of a Legionella contamination or at a swimming event. With Udetect in-field you have a measurement result on site within 1.5 hours.

Udetect On-Site

With Udetect on site lab you can measure microbial water quality at a production location, a wastewater treatment plant or in a (small) laboratory. No laboratory training is required to perform an analysis, an office space with a table is sufficient.

Udetect Lab

Are you already doing qPCR analysis and do you want to expand your portfolio? With the Udetect Target Tubes you can add new microbial analyzes to your existing range. If required, we can develop a customized bacterial analysis for laboratories. Contact us about the possibilities.

User experience

The reason we want mobile qPCR is that it is much faster than current methods. You can measure the concentration of certain pathogens on the waterfront.

Bas van der Zaan, Deltares

The importance of this qPCR measurement is that we can measure the quality of swimming water on the day itself instead of 3 days before.

Sander van Eijck, AQUON

We found the sample collection step of Udetect easy, and the absence of a thermal incubation step makes the whole method very fast. The analysis takes less than 1 hour.
Bacelar Muneme, Weconsult


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