Target Tube Dehalococcoides


Packed per 50


Chlorinated solvents are one of the world's most common soil contaminants. The bacterial species Dehalococcoides is able to completely break down perchlorothene (PER) and trichloroethene (TRI) into harmless end products. The Target Tube Dehalococcoides quantifies the number of bacteria in groundwater and can be used for biological soil remediation. The assay can be used in combination with VC reductase (article number 20048), Dehalobacter (article number 20049), Dehalogenimonas (article number 20050) and Geobacter lovleyi (article number 20051). Target Tubes are packed per 50 pieces and are ready for use. The

Product details

  • Measure the Dehalococcoides bacteria
  • For 50 water samples
  • Ready for use
  • Shelf life of at least 1 year

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