Target Tube Leptospira


Packed per 50


The pathogenic Leptospira causes Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis). The most well-known sources of Leptospira are rats and mice, but cattle can also carry them. The risk of infection is greatest when in contact with slow-flowing surface water, such as in ditches. For activities along the ditch edge, such as muskrat control, land cultivation or dredging work, a qPCR measurement on Leptospira can contribute to safety. The Target Tube Leptospira can be combined with faecal indicators such as E.coli (article number U20040), Bacteroides dorei (article number U20042) or Enterococcus (article number U20045). Target Tubes are packed per 50 pieces and are ready to use. The shelf life is at least 1 year at room temperature, if stored in the dark.

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