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Udetect Thermocycler Starter Kit EN


Environmental operating conditions Humidity: MAX 80% at +32 °C, MIN 30% at +15 to +32°C Temperature: +15°C to +32°C Pressure: 0 to 3000 MAMSL or 70 to 106Kpa


The qPCR thermocycler quantifies the number of organisms in a Target Tube within an hour. The Thermocycler contains 16 locations for Target Tubes, with which 16 bacterial species can be quantified simultaneously in a water sample with one operation. Or you combine the analysis of several water samples in 1 run. The Thermocycler contains no moving parts and is therefore robust and quiet.

Product details

  • qPCR thermocycler with space for 16 Target Tubes
  • Manual included
  • Power cable for connection to mains power 220V
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB stick with software
  • USB cable for connection to computer or laptop
  • Hard case suitcase
  • Console


  • Filtration kits U20027.50 of U20067
  • DNA isolation kits U20030.50 of U20068
  • Target Tubes